Stephania Cephalantha

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Plant ID: Stephania Cephalantha
Species: Stephania Succulent

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Size: Approx 3-4 cm, ship without leaves
Feature: Hobby, Novelty, Rare
Container: Without pot and soil
Level: Easy to grow
Suitability: Balcony, Window, Garden
Bloom Season: Spring, Autumn

Fast planting tips for Stephania Cephalantha plant:

perlite, worm castings, charcoal and a little bit of peat + Organic fertilizer and SuperThrive.

💠 Each plant is unique, the plant you receive may not be the same color or shape as the picture. The color of the plants will fade during transit which is normal. But they will recover to their beauty in a sunny, ventilated environment and through good care.

💠 Some varieties of leaves will fall, which is a normal phenomenon during transit. However, the fallen leaves can be use to propagate. You can try it for fun! 

💠 When newly planted, the leaves around the plant will appear dry out. Don't worry, this is normal, indicating that plants are growing new roots. 

💠 Every country and state has different custom regulations in which buyers are responsible. 

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💡Caring For Stephania Erecta:

1) Avoid watering when the caudex is dormant to minimise rot.
2) Provide full sun and humid conditions.
3) Stephania does well in porous soil mix.
4) Keep the soil moist but not saturated during active growing stage.
5) Fertilise regularly to promote leaf growth.
6) Propagated by seeds.


☑️ Quality Assurance - All plants direct from nursery, handpicked with strict quality control to be healthy before shipment.

☑️ Refund & Return Policy - Contact us within 48 hrs if any issue upon received of parcels. Just provide photos, message us. We will make good the issue.

☑️ Preparation before Shipment - All roots will be washed, dried, trimmed, and disinfected prior to shipping and ship bare-rooted without soil (USDA compliant). Succulents consume their own water during transit, so it is normal for the plants you receive that appears dried up. Careful preparation ensure the plants can last well during transit. 

☑️ Packaging - We use special material packaging to ensure safe shipment.

☑️ Selection - We have more than 500+ Exotic Succulent Species Collection - Aeonium, Adromischus, Cactus, Crassula, Cotyledon, Dudleya, Echeveria, Graptopetalum, Graptosedum, Graptoveria, Haworthia, Kalanchoe, Lithop, Pachyphytum, Rose Succulent, Sedum, Sempervivum, Senecio. 

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We take couple of days to prepare plants for shipment. All plants have to be dry thoroughly, bare rooted and prep carefully to ensure the plants can last well during transit. Delivery estimate 2-4 weeks with tracking number provided.

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